Quad Eight RV-10

Slightly more than the intended re-cap rehab – this 40 years old spring reverb does not only get new electrolytics to replace the leaky ones (although they did their job quite well for their age!), but a completely new 230V wiring and some additional jacks.

The wiring obviously does not comply to electrical codes anymore. The 230V wiring has only single isolation and is bundled with small signal (secondary side) wires. This also increases the risk of hum due to capacitive coupling. The clearance between metal parts carrying mains voltage and secondary side circuitry inside the PSU building block is less than 3mm. This is a high safety risk especially for a protection class II device like this.

The old sinlge-pole mains switch

Its metal bracket perfectly fits to the new Schadow brand switch.
The new switch provides the necessary clearance between the switch contacts as well as between the solder lugs and the metal bracket.
It will be connected with double-isolated wiring, the original and actually very dead neon lamp will be replaced by a yellow LED,
glued into the neon lamp holder with some RTV.


Hook it up!

No one would use screw terminals to connect audio signals in these days. Therefore the RV-10 got some new jacks.
Both the 1/4″ and the XLR jacks are completely differential and ground-free thanks to the transformers at the input and output.