RPL71 – Replacement for DAC71 series D/A converters

As stocks of working DAC71 series converters are depleted I designed a plug-in replacement for both the current (I suffix) and voltage (V suffix) types, including both CSB and COB coding. While the code is selected by a solder jumper, the voltage type replacement needs an additional SO8 OP Amp, like an OP07, fitted. The “TRIM” pin is not connected, instead of this a 20-turns potentiometer is added to the RPL71 board allowing fine adjustment of the on-board 10,00V reference. Where needed, a buffered output of the reference can be provided by adding another OP Amp and a few resistors.


Shown above is a DAC71-CSB-I replacement board (no I-to-V OP Amp on the upper right side) and without a reference outputs (missing parts on the lower corner) which is equipped with a 14- instead of a 16-bit DAC to save 10€ as this board is tailored for use in Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 synthesizers where the lower 2 bits are not used anyway. The actual use case is shown below.