A Mega Cartridge for the DK Synergy

This Synergy ROM cartridge does not only behave like an easter egg, it also has some eggs inside

Megacartridge for the Synergy

Here the Mega Cartridge resembles the VCART6 cartridge, but that’s by far not the end. The initiator of this nice little project, Fabian Draeger, has just made a short video showing the prototype in action:

Right after inserting, the Mega Cartridge says hello and then immediately switches to the module last used.
In the video the VCART6 and the Wendy Carlos 1 are shown, but the memory inside is big enough to keep all official cartridges ever released. Depending on your interest, the Mega Cartridge will soon be available in quantities as fully built PCB. To compile your individual ROM, I would need proof of your ownership of the original cartridges for copyright reasons.

For the tech guys here's of course a photo of the inside

Mega Cartridge inside view